A youthful visionary

In 2001, when his father asked him to return to France to visit an estate in Saint Emilion, Benoit Trocard, the fifteenth generation of one of Bordeaux’s oldest winemaking families from the Right Bank, decided to come back and discover the gem that his father was convinced he had uncovered. Benoit, aged 23 in April 2002, attached little importance to the estate’s old building which housed the vintage since its inception in 1997. Standing high up on the clay-limestone plateau of Saint Christophe des Bardes, Benoit Trocard set his eyes upon a terroir that immediately inspired him. This initial impression was quickly confirmed when he tasted his first glass of Clos Dubreuil and fell under the spell of a wine that perfectly evoked the essence of its magnificent terroir.

A magical journey begins…

In 2002, Benoit Trocard therefore decided to set up at Clos Dubreuil and devote himself to the development of the estate by selecting the finest parcels of land from Saint Emilion’s clay-limestone plateau. In 2007 he acquired a farm dating from the Middle Ages, situated just a stone’s throw from Clos Dubreuil’s original location. This enabled him to freely pursue his passion for plot-by-plot vinification, an approach that allows each plot both to express its singularity and to interact harmoniously with the other plots. Benoit Trocard makes no secret of the fact that he is in pursuit of excellence. He obsessively strives for increased precision, both on the vineyards and in the winery. This, combined with the incredible, hilltop terroir, is what makes Clos Dubreuil a truly exceptional wine.
In 2014, Benoit Trocard began a serious new building project with the construction of a cellar whose scale matches his ambitious aims. It combines traditional and modern features, and is located in the same spot where Clos Dubreuil’s history began in 1997.